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Our Adventure

We believe life is a series of adventures. Education, careers, family, travel, and so much more are all adventures people experience during their lifetime and we are honored to be a part of many. Below is the adventure of our company, and our staff.

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About Us

We began our adventure in 2005 as CS2, LLC. Founded by Christopher Hetzel, our current President & CEO, we started as a small Information Technology firm that serves federal customers for their system administration, engineering, development, and infrastructure needs. 18 years later and not much has changed. While we have grown over time, our services focus has stayed the same. Our focus on our employees also remains unchanged.


Life is an adventure and it sure likes to remind us of that every chance it gets. This is where our idea of partnerships began.

Being a 100% service-based company means our people are both our partners and our product. Understanding this, Adventure strives to provide unparalleled experiences for our partners which focus on each of them as individuals with their own varying needs, goals, and motivations. We endeavor to provide a supportive and fostering environment that allows everyone to embrace challenges, both in and out of the workplace.

Partners make an effort to ensure that everyone involved in the partnership are receiving the support they need to meet their goals, to make progress on their individual adventures, and to be happy. We work to approach each employee's needs with flexibility and compassion, and are grateful when we're given the same consideration in return. 

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